Air Center Salt Lake City

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One of the major benefits to living in Salt Lake City is the up and coming night life scene, as SLC is home to some of the most creative bars and clubs in the west. From its concert venues to its thematic bar scene, Salt Lake City consistently impresses its patrons. One new feature that will certainly please the ever-growing, swanky crowd is the Air Center Salt Lake City: a three story nightclub, high-end restaurant, rooftop swimming pool, and luxurious hotel rooms—all in one building, in downtown SLC. It’s not just a hotel either. Developer Ken Bretschneider, CEO of People Water, is aiming to make Air the number one night life and entertainment spot in all of Utah. Air will also include a lounge, a theatre, and some retail shops. Retail space sold out before the hotel’s construction even began. The impressive space will open its doors on New Year’s Eve 2015.

The Salt Lake City Air Center is located at 400 South and West Temple—an especially convenient location for homeowners in the Avenues, Sugarhouse, or the downtown area. The Air Center Salt Lake City will make downtown shimmer with style. Not only will it be an ideal place for fine dining, it will be one of the new hotspots for night life that SLC hasn’t seen since the days of Port-O-Call. The space will be an ideal location for bar-hoppers, those seeking elegant dinner and entertainment–or even for a classy drink and some nightclub action, after attending one of SLC’s famed Summer Twilight Series Concerts.

Air won’t be another large watering hole—it’s going to be The Aria of hangouts along the Wasatch Front.​ Whether it’s one of many stops for your night on the town–or your only stop–the Air Center has something to offer everyone. Air opens New Year’s 2015. Better make your reservations now.