Salt Lake City earning major cred with tourists

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People living in Salt Lake City already know full well the slew of awesome things there are to see and do here – from shopping, parties and museums to skiing and hiking – but visitors have really been taking notice lately too. In fact, SLC is starting to build up a rep as one of America’s best tourist hotspots.

For years, one of the most popular spots for tourism in SLC was the Mormon church’s Temple Square in downtown – and it still is one of our liveliest venues! But now the rest of the city is making heads turn, too, as more people are catching on to the crazy amount of opportunities there are, particularly for outdoor enthusiasts. Here’s just a sample of the recognition that Salt Lake City has picked up recently:

  • Named the “best city for hiking trail access” by National Geographic
  • Ranked first as the country’s best bargain for skiing
  • Resorts like Alta and Snowbird are listed among the best places for skiing in the U.S.
  • SLC’s Grand America Hotel was awarded “second most luxurious hotel” by TripAdvisor.

But as great as the trails and mountains are, they’re no longer the only things visitors want to see. Now, these awesome ski runs and hiking paths have just become the gateway to more tourists visiting and enjoying the city itself!

“We have seen with the opening of City Creek that Salt Lake City is getting increased attention in the Intermountain region,” Scott Beck, President and CEO of Visit Salt Lake, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “We are not just a place for convention visitors, but a place for leisure travel, shopping and dining.”

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