Can the Utah economy get any better?

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I know we posted a lot of stuff lately about how great the local Utah economy is (Utah Real Estate has a bright future in 2014, Salt Lake City earning major cred with tourists, Zillow names Salt Lake City as 2014’s hottest market, Salt Lake City among the countries 5 best performing cities for 2013, Salt Lake City among the “best performing housing markets” for 2014, Salt Lake City is americas most creative mid sized city) but the good news about the Utah economy just never seems to stop. It seems like reports are being released weekly abut how great our state is.

Not only were Matt & Cody featured on in a random unrelated interview while visiting in New York but Business Insider also just announced Salt Lake as the #5 city that is driving the future (and provo made the #2 spot!) which is also helping the Utah economy.

And just today another article was released about the Utah economy announcing that Utah is ranked as the #1 city to mostly likely to achieve the american dream which is based on how likely you can start from the bottom and reach the top. We came in a healthy percentage of 11.5%.

Update: I was almost finished writing this post and low and behold another article popped up today from Forbes naming Utah #2 of the top 10 states that will boom over the next 5 years.

Thats a total of 9 articles about how great the Utah economy is in less than a few months. Needless to say we are killin’ it here locally. That combined with a slight slow down in the market and mortgage rates being reasonable right now but predicted to rise, I think its a very good time to buy. If you’ve been on the fence about buying a home in Salt Lake, we should be talking.