SLC and UTA planning even more public transit upgrades

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For people living in Salt Lake City, we’re sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed that 2013 has been a big year for public transit! Which is especially great because SLC isn’t the most walkable place if you don’t have a car. Already, this year has seen the launch of four new light-rail trains – including the S-Line in Sugar House – as well as transit passes made available to every resident. But the city and Utah Transit Authority (UTA) aren’t stopping there.

According to Desert News, SLC and the UTA are setting their sights even higher in 2014, with new plans and proposals that – fingers crossed – will help make getting around the city that much easier.

“You should be able to get anywhere you want to go in Salt Lake with just one transfer,” said City Council Chairman Kyle LaMalfa. He added that people should also “be able to get to two transit routes within a quarter-mile of where they live or work” and that transit hours should work around peak commuting times and better reflect work schedules. Sounds fantastic! When can we start?

Well, apparently it’s all just talk for right now, as they’re just kind of spitballing ideas about what they want to see happen not too far off in the future. But given the improvements seen this year, some of these proposals could be totally doable and even closer than you think.

As public transportation continues to become more convenient for city dwellers, the houses in Salt Lake City become that much better of a get. Not only does this prime real estate place you right in one of America’s thriving metros, but, if all goes according to plan, you’ll find yourself not too far away from a train station soon! Convenient and eco-friendly!

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