St. Mary’s Neighborhood Highlight

3.8/5 - (28 votes)

One of the hottest areas to live in Salt Lake right now is St. Mary’s. Sitting out on the east side of town, St. Mary’s is a fantastic choice for families looking to bring up their kids in an esteemed neighborhood, but also a sick place for those who like to live it up outdoors.

Basically, St. Mary’s has it all. Yeah, yeah, we say that a lot, but look – let’s just let the highlights of this place speak for themselves:

Close to downtown: Anyone interested in living in Salt Lake City is going to want to know where their house is in relation to downtown. Live in St. Mary’s? You’re pretty close.

Outdoor fun: There’s definitely no shortage of things to do outdoors in any of our neighborhoods, but St. Mary’s is a treasure trove for nature enthusiasts. Want to go for a long walk or a scenic run? Check out Donner Trail Park or “This is the Place” Heritage Park. Kids want to see some cool animals? Hogle Zoo is right here. Dad wants to unwind with his work friends on the weekend? Hit up the links at Bonneville Golf course.

The views: No other place in SLC will give you as great a view of the valley, downtown or the Great Salt Lake itself than St. Mary’s.

St. Mary’s is a haven for upscale homeowners with specialized jobs – doctors, lawyers and business owners will find themselves in good company here. And between Indian Hills Elementary School and the University of Utah, there’s no shortage of excellent education opportunities for kids of all ages.

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