Solar power comes to Salt Lake school

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Part of what we pride ourselves on in Salt Lake is just how cutting-edge this city can be. One of the biggest trends going around the country for the last few years is energy efficiency and “going green.” We’ve made some strides of our own in becoming greener, and this latest example is just further proof of that. The Montessori Community School has just installed one of the biggest private solar power systems, in a bid to make the school more eco-friendly and teach its students about the benefits of living a more environmentally-friendly life.

According to FOX News 13, the school has typically paid about $8,000 every year in electricity bills. The hope is that by using new, completely renewable solar energy, those bills will drop by 90 if not 100 percent, as the solar panels on the building’s roof will power the entire school.

Part of the funding comes from Rocky Mountain Power, a program design to offer partial rebates to customers who spend money on installing solar panels. At over 52 kilowatts, the school’s system is 10 times bigger than any typical home solar array. Not only does this help reduce electricity expenses, but it also helps our kids here learn more about this increasingly important subject.

“It’s an opportunity for our kids to learn something that’s fairly unique,” Bob Buchanan, the school’s owner, told the news affiliate. “It’s something that the world is going to be a lot more about in the future.”

Solar energy is a hot topic (bad pun intended) across the country now, and it’s a financial, environmental and educational investment that I’m proud we’re making here. If you’d like to learn more about the cutting-edge of living in Salt Lake City, talk to a Salt Lake City real estate agent at Muve Real Estate today.