Palm Spring Modernism Week – Meeting Shag

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Part two of our trip landed us in the world of Polynesian paradise when we visited the famous Royal Hawaiian Estates of Palm Springs. This well thought-out 40 home community of twin homes emerged during WWII and still inspires intrigue with its unique architecture. The ‘Flying 7’s’, or huge triangular buttresses coming off the rooflines, are said to be inspired by the outrigger canoe, giving the whole complex a true island feel. The city of Palm Springs has recently placed this complex on the historical registration and is working to restore it to its original charm.

However, the highlight of our visit didn’t stop with the beauty of the complex, but peaked when we had the opportunity to meet the well-known artist Shag (Josh Agle). We were lucky enough to talk to him about his art among the modern culture and obtain a signed copy of his book.