Muve’n Money – The Muve Private Lending & Wholesale Program

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The Muve team is in the preliminary stages of our new wholesale and lending program. In a nutshell: Lets say you want to get involved in real estate investing / home remodeling. We will be cherry picking a handful of trusted investors, contractors, and home remodelers to help Muve locate a home that looks to have a healthy spread in profit. We will then provide agent representation for the buy and sell, create a conceptual design idea packet for the remodel, market the home, and most importantly, bring the money into the deal to make the plan a reality.

Muve successfully provided this for one of our trusted contractors just in the last few weeks. It is a Mid-Mod project that will be nothing short of a Muve quality home.

With jaw dropping characteristics like original hardwood floors and beautiful fireplaces it is a no brainer why people are checking out this mid-mod stunner. Add in the eye appeal of the wet bar, and this place will definitely drop some jaws. Of course, all it needs is a little magic touch from Muve Real Estate to bring out her inner beauty. Located on 1226 e 3545 s

Muve‘n on Up!