Real Estate Investment How To – Hands-on Training

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We wanted to update you on how our latest real estate investment training went over the weekend. If you aren’t following us on Twitter yet, you better start because you missed out on our live stream of tips during the entire tour.

We couldn’t be more ecstatic about the turn out. We pretty much sold out the entire training. There were only a few empty seats and that’s because we had a few late arrivals and no shows. We busted through a total of 6 homes and enjoyed lunch at our latest finished project in Olympus Cove and topped things off by ending at my personal favorite on Juniper Dr in Holladay. The feedback about the tour was nothing short of amazing. We wanted to thank all of the attendees and hope you all had a good time! We are happy that some people requested private one-on-one training after seeing us in action and one attendee ever said he didn’t want any other training until he implemented the information we provided him! I guess we gave him a lot to do!

Aside from the fact that our driver just blew through 2 red lights (haha) and that we found out last minute that we can provide our own alcohol on the bus, things couldn’t have gone more smoothly!

Check out the complete picture reel below to get a feel for what we did and what the turn out was like.