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Do it yourself (DIY) projects are becoming more and more popular, especially with the creation of popular sites like Pinterest. And guys, DIY is not just for the ladies.
Peter Boerger, an Indianapolis-based artist hand crafts amazing wooden eyeglass frames from scratch using basic hand and woodworking tools.

Chris Gardner built his career around blogging about different DIY projects, crafts, and woodworking. His site Man Made offers DIY projects, inspiration, store, videos, and the best part is guys… it’s written for YOU! From whiskey Sriracha candy, DIY leather flask, and a DIY fire pit there‚Äôs a project or tip for everyone. This is a great reference site for men needing a quick idea to fix up their home before a party, make enhancements, or a find a great recipe to surprise their lady. Looking for some more DIY inspiration? Check out Curbly’s Pinterest page for an idea on how to MuveUp your home with a DIY project.