Expert Panel Appearance

Once again, one of our own will be talking at the largest real estate investing club in the Greater Salt Lake area. This time Matt Sneyd will be featured on an expert panel where the audience will get to ask any questions they would like relating to real estate. Others participating in the panel will be Randall Wall, Monica McQueen, Shawn Watkins, and Joel Zieve will be the speakers (brief bios below). The December meeting is the largest meeting of the year due to the annual christmas party that is catered with free food, drink & gift giveaways all night long. Attendance is free your first time, $20 per meeting if it’s not your first time or just buy an annual membership for a cool $100 (if you’re counting on your fingers right nowlet me help you out, that’s a $140 savings). Honestly that’s the cheapest real estate education and networking of this caliber around right now. Meeting details can be found at If you’ve been on the fence about getting into real estate now is the perfect time to dip your toes in. Jump in now, we promise the pool isn’t that cold.

Matt Sneyd, is a Licensed Real Estate Agent affiliated with Windermere Real Estate in Salt Lake City. At 19 years old, Matt partnered with his father and created the real estate investment company formally known as G&M Property Solutions, LLC and now known as Muve Real Estate. He specializes in conceptual design work for remodel properties and analyzing data for his real estate firm. Matt’s continued education and understanding of the real estate market allows him the competitive advantage clients deserve. He serves on the Board of Directors of Salt Lake Real Estate Investor Association (SLREIA), as well as the Young Professionals Network. His personal and business foundation is based upon the principles of honesty, integrity and respect. These values, along with his extensive market knowledge foster the continued success of Muve Real Estate.

Joel Zieve, and his wife Ann have been full time real estate investors since 2005. Ann is also a REALTOR who focuses in Davis and Weber counties. Since 2002, they have bought and sold over 170 houses. Mostly flips, but also over 20 rentals.

Shawn Watkins, is a full-time real estate investor, educator, and property manager who controls 240 residential and commercial doors personally and with business partners. His passion for educating others on the joys of real estate is expressed through Investor’s Workshops, an Orange County, California real estate club where education comes first. Shawn’s real estate background includes 4 years as a real estate agent, 2 years as a title officer, and 10 years as an Orange County Deputy Sherriff, where he learned how to work with people i.e. tenants, while serving the public.

Randall Wall, with hundreds of transactions and several hundred rehabs Randall has spoken across the country and mentored agents and investors in the finer techniques of real estate in both the US and Canada. ”Integrity First” is his personal motto and one that is required of all successful investors who wish to make a living in this business long term.

Monica McQueen, has been in the Real Estate Business for over 10 years, the last 5 as a Branch Broker for Utah Select Realty. Prior to becoming a licensed Realtor, she developed a computer program to help determine the best investment properties for her own purchases. She quickly realized the need to gain access to the local multiple listing service (MLS) and obtained her license in 2002. Friends and family quickly asked for her aid and she has been investing in real estate and assisting others ever since. Monica specializes in Single and Multi-Family properties as well as larger apartment complexes. She has flipped several homes, currently owns 14 rental properties including homes, duplexes, a 4-plex and a commercial building. Her goal is to assist others in determining the perfect investment strategy tailored to each individual.