Design & Dwell

Listing Price: $725,000
Area: Millcreek
Size: 3,500 sq. ft. / Acreage: 0.27
Bed: 3 / Bath: 3

Price Per Ft2: $207

Property Highlight:
New ~ Modern ~ Luxury

Request Private Viewing:
Sean - 801-913-3790

Design & Dwell
Design & Dwell
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Where do you dwell?


On a plot of land sitting along 2000 east, a silent uprising is taking place. Designers and developers, Matt Sneyd and Cody Chamberlain are bringing to life 3 homes with designs inspired from all ends of the globe. Taking the best of Modern Scandinavian, deconstuctivism and a splash of the strange, yet beautiful, they are determined to create truly unique buildings and homes for the lucky buyer to dwell. Sure, modern and post modern is making its way into the Salt Lake community little by little. But Matt and Cody are taking it a step further, and by ‘step’, I mean 10 steps. Together with Tailor Built Homes, they are the new generation of builders and designers. And if you haven’t heard of them yet- you will soon enough.


Tailor Built Homes is a design-centric homebuilder. With two in-house architects and a design team focused on tailoring every element of the home, their team is revolutionizing the way people build and buy homes. Team them up with this dynamic-duo, and it’s genuinely exciting.

Millcreek, Utah is a place that is going to be going through some significant changes in the near future. With improvements planned for greater walkability, and better access to public transportation, this town is about to get very vibrant. We’ll see boutique stores move in, with more high-end designers building what people are demanding. With the rapid expansion of Sugar House, Millcreek is poised to become the next hot spot for artists, specialty stores, and modern charm.

Transforming a community takes time. Millcreek is already special in so many ways. The eagerness to update it comes from its community members who care about keeping it current, clean, and an incredible place to live. Just ask Matt. His parents live in Millcreek and he has special incentive to be intimately involved in this community. He has been putting in persistent effort to build quality over quantity. And that’s what makes these homes even more promising.

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Want to talk shop, or take a tour of one of these bad boys? Fill out the form below, or feel free to call, text or send a carrier pigeon to Matt Sneyd (801)243-7006. He’s pretty cool and super knowledgeable. Cody Chamberlain is also brilliant and will show you the houses and his tattoos: (801)230-5218


Check out the 3D renderings HERE.