15th & 15th Charmer

| 1362 E. Browning Avenue Salt Lake City, UT 84105 |

| Open House 2/2/13 11-3 pm |

| For a private viewing of this home please call Matt Sneyd 801-243-7006 |

| Listing compliments of The Muve Real Estate Team |

As we head into the final stages of the remodel here on Browning Avenue, we can see a few features starting to finally come alive. Inside and out, we are muving closer to the finish date!

Stay tuned for the breathtaking after shots of our Charming 15th & 15th Sugarhouse!

15th & 15th is a staple of Sugarhouse. You’re literally walking distance from local galleries, shops and dining. As we dig into this project we are finding that the neighbors are starting to dig it as well. Pride of ownership is an understatement in these stomping grounds and the neighbors are just as stoked as we are to get this project underway. It feels like we tore out most of the interior because the old lath and plaster makes a massive mess. Once most of the confining walls were down, we stumbled upon the original brick wall at the rear of the home. It was so charming we decided to expose it. It will unexpectedly become the keynote of the kitchen, if not the entire house. With 1457 sq. ft. on the main level this coop will soon turn into some empty nesters dream home. The main floor will include seamless flow from the living room through dining room to kitchen and end in the yard. 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths on the main with a master suite and huge walk in closet. I think it is safe to say that this lay out is pretty rare in this neck of the woods.

Update: To see the updated post on this property Click Here

Here’s where we are at this week.

Next are our interior layout designs. Everything laid out on these designs is pretty accurate. Where we ran into a huge issue that actually cost us a few days of time was the kitchen. As odd as this may sound, the kitchen is so big in this house it was hard to find a layout that worked. Basically we had way too many options! You don’t hear that very often when talking about Sugarhouse kitchens. We couldn’t find a design that utilized the best use of the space. We went through 3 different designers before we finally settled on a design. As great as all of our designers are, we didn’t end up going with any of their designs. It’s a mash up of all of their designs with a bit of our own Muve flare. That is what’s going to make this kitchen a one of a kind master piece. We are going to leave the final kitchen design as a surprise until the end.



Here is what Jayson at LFDG has laid out for us on the exterior



There’s a reason we are calling this one the charmer.